Digital Learning Resource 2

Create a Creature This is a very simple online tool found through “scootle” that allows children to experiment with the creation of insects via a “drag and drop” canvas. Below is the bug I created. This is the end printable product of what you can create. Click on the link below to make your own. […]

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Digital learning resource 3

SPORTPLAN Sportplan is a coaching website designed to help sports coaches and PE teachers with organising their trainings and lessons. I find it particularly useful to help plan my hockey coaching lessons for kids. It allows you to create a profile and save drills, chat to other coaches, debate rule interpretations etc. Follow the link […]

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The Digital Divide

Digital divide is a term that refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology, and those that don’t or have restricted access(Howell 2012). This technology can include the telephone, television, personal computers and the Internet. So what are the ramifications for people living in the jungles […]

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What is a digital world?

I learnt a new word back at the start of this uni topic- Pedagogy. Which translates to teaching. Well rather the function of a teacher and the art or science of teaching, inclusive of their instructional methods. So how has everything becoming digital affected the way teachers need to operate? I would hazard a guess […]

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Getting the Hang of it……

Ok so after a satisfying hamĀ and cheese toastie and a relaxing cup of tea I am more equipped to tackle the “blogging” assignment. After a few teething problems I seem to have this part figured out at least. So for all you tech heads out there reading this I am definitely not one of you. […]

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