What is a digital world?

I learnt a new word back at the start of this uni topic- Pedagogy. Which translates to teaching. Well rather the function of a teacher and the art or science of teaching, inclusive of their instructional methods. So how has everything becoming digital affected the way teachers need to operate? I would hazard a guess at almost….completely!

As a result of many innovations and technological advances we live in a “plugged in world” and  a very symbiotic one as well (Stommel 2014). Half the time you don’t realise that you’re using digital technology. It’s no secret that I’m not really a tech savvy person and would rather spend my time outside playing some kind of sport but when I strip away “the computer” I am still left with an alarming amount of digital technology at my disposal. My phone, car radio, TV, pedometer, cyclometer (bike computer) and a tablet, just to name a few.

The benefits of a fast moving digital world are plentiful, instant information at the click of a button, navigational systems in our cars, mobile phone connectivity and range, the general ease to do anything over a computer, shopping, watching movies, studying etc. and the list goes on.

My 5 year old niece constantly shows me how to operate their TV and all her games on mum’s tablet. This fact alone shows why Teachers need an effective “digital” pedagogy within the classroom. We need to be able to teach using digital technologies. We need to keep up or we really will get left behind or rather we don’t want to be further left behind. One important reason to keep up with technology is to monitor and curate children’s online presence and help protect them against things like hacking, identity theft and cyber bullying. It’s hard to be protective and educate on the safety of security if you don’t actually know how it works.

Inspector gadget teacher


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Stommel, J (2014) Critical Digital Pedagogy: a Definition. Retrieved from: http://www.hybridpedagogy.com/journal/critical-digital-pedagogy-definition/


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